Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal Women

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Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal Women

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Menopausal and Perimenopausal Women

Why This Course?

Are you a fitness trainer looking to enhance your expertise? Our specialized course is dedicated to the art of training menopausal and perimenopausal women. This life stage involves significant physical and hormonal changes, and as a trainer, understanding and adapting to these changes is essential.

What's in Store for You?

By enrolling in our Menopausal and Perimenopausal Women Fitness Certification Course, you're set to broaden your knowledge and skill set, while earning your (8 CECs). This course doesn't just make you more informed; it also fully qualifies and insures you to effectively support and train women going through menopause and perimenopause.

Course Crafted by Experts:

Collaborating with top fitness and women's health experts, we've created a course that's both in-depth and hands-on. You'll explore the unique physical and hormonal shifts occurring during menopause and perimenopause. Learn the specific fitness needs, the do's and don'ts, and how to design safe, yet impactful exercise programs that cater to building strength and managing symptoms associated with these life stages.

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Our CEC programs are designed for ease and affordability, helping you enhance your professional skills without stress. We cover various specialties, allowing you to either expand your client base or update your current expertise. Our courses are updated annually to reflect the latest in women's fitness in Australia, ensuring you're equipped with the most current techniques. Engaging and stimulating, our courses make learning enjoyable and rewarding. Upon completion, you'll quickly receive your CECs and a certificate, typically within three business days.

Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal Women
CEC Provider

Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal Women (8CECs)

Key Learning Points:

  • Training women 50+ Talking about my generation, Ageism, Why train women over 50+

  • Menopause The stages of the menopause, Hormones & the menopause, TED Talk -How menopause affects the brain

  • Pelvic Floor Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions, Types of Incontinence, Types of Prolapse, Prolapse Symptoms & Risk Factors, How to cue pelvic floor contractions in isolation

  • Health considerations Cardiovascular / heart disease, Osteoporosis / osteopenia

  • Practical Applications A question tool-box to create empathetic engagement, Exercise considerations, modifications, Important components of programming for women aged 50+, Exercise in water, What to avoid

  • The POSITIVES of menopause Look on the bright side+, Where and when to refer on

  • Further Presentations Menopause & Pelvic Floor Webinar, Mish Wright – Training Women 50+ Webinar, Top 10 Chronic conditions for older adults & how to train them

Note: Course is hosted CEC by Fitness Education Online

Learning Access:

  • 100% online

  • No time limit

  • Lifetime access to all coursework


Assessment consists of brief written responses or multiple choices.

(no practical video required).


  • CECs and completion certificate delivered within 7 days of course completion

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Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal Women (8CECs)

Testimonial for Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal

"Hi Mish, Thankyou so much for sharing your knowledge, experience, and insight into so many important health factors we should consider when training women over 50. From pre, peri-menopause and menopause and the changes of hormones that occur and the knock on effects this has on the body, to frozen shoulders, vagina’s and prolapse, and then to the importance of sleep. I got a lot of good reminders, some new information that I have already implemented into my pre-exercise questionnaire and lots of food for thought!!

It was the first time I have attended one of your presentations and it won’t be the last. Your wholistic approach to the client is exactly what I loved, and your comment in the last Q&A workshop sums it up really. “Wellness is the new Sexy”. Thankyou again. I look forward to attending more workshops in the future. "


Testimonial for Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal

I've just completed Training Menopausal a Peri-menopausal Women. I loved Michelle Wrights presenting and am going to seek out more of her courses now. Highly recommend! I didn't know much about peri-menopause and menopause before but feel so much more confident taking on this stage now. I run bootcamp style classes for pre and post natal women so wanted to upskill on our next stage of life, but also open my market up to some older women. I've been asked a lot in the past if I'd put on a class for older women, even though all of my current classes are so adaptable for any age/stage. I realised that people need to see themselves in a group to feel more like we are "their people". I now feel like I have the knowledge to put a dedicated class on the timetable and I'm excited to broaden my skills and fine tune this new class.All reactions:33


Testimonial for Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal

Hi I’m a newbie in the fitness industry and super excited at the convenience and content of the online education - I love how phone friendly it is - anytime anyplace convenience. I just completed Training Menopausal and Peri-menopausal women .. which honestly I found a bit triggering as I am one and didn’t regret doing this course. I loved the use of the comedienne as one resource to breakdown barriers and education re pelvic floor issues in men and women. Encouraging re all age fitness with some useful targeted insights to this group.


Testimonial for Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal

Completed the Training menopausal and peri menopausal women course which I thought was excellent. It really helped close a very large gap in what I thought I knew and the information I wasn’t from the GP fraternity. I found it both beneficial for my own personal journey and now feel a lot more confident in having conversations with clients around this topic. Lots of practical tips and tools to take away and use immediately. Recommend this to all fitness professionals.


Testimonial for Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal

I took the Training Menopausal and Peri-Menopausal Women as the diversity of women I train is closer to this age bracket.

I found that the videos were easy to watch and understand. Having a mix of 'watch and read' was really good.

I would recommend this course to anyone that would like a little more understanding of this stage in a women's life/training.


Testimonial for Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal

I am from Melbourne Australia. I have been in the fitness industry since 2013 when I became a Certified in Personal Training. I completed the Training Menopausal and Peri-Menopausal Women course. I highly recommend anyone that trains people in this aged bracket to jump on to this course. I have taken away a lot new tips and techniques that I can implement into my programming. Thanks to Michelle Wright and the team at Fitness Education Online.


Testimonial for Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal

I’m a PT and run a small business called Move Well Health and Fitness in south east Melbourne. Just completed the training peri menopausal and Menopausal women online course. Highly recommend to any male trainers that train women.


Testimonial for Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal

I just completed “training women 50+” course. It was brilliant. I learnt so much that would benefit my clients as 70% of my clients are women over 50. The course was at your own pace, in your own time with very interesting guest speakers. If you train women over 40 I strongly recommend this course. It really shows how to adapt your training to suit women going through menopause and post menopause.


Testimonial for Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal

I completed the Training pre and post menopausal women course with Mish.

It was great! Her approach was one of empathy and connection with clients, really listening to their own individual stories and needs.

Mish is incredibly knowledgeable!

I've been in the industry for over 20 years in the Sydney and Blue Mountains areas.

I would really recommend this course!


Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal Women (8CECs)