Live Monthly Webinar

Live Monthly Webinar

At Women’s Fitness Education we run live monthly webinars via zoom for our Certificate III and IV in Fitness students.

The topics vary month to month but some of our previous webinars have been 

- Peri-Menopause. Training women aged 37+ – everything you need to know to prep your clients for perimenopause

- Square Pegs & Round Holes – the Do’s and Don’ts of Training women

- Periodisation for periods – how to train and write effective training programs that are in sync with the menstrual cycle

- Beyond the 6-week-Check-Up: Navigating Postnatal Clients Safely + Effectively

Note: These webinars are optional. You do not need to attend them to complete the certification, they are purely extra information for those that want to attend.

Live Monthly Webinar


Although our Certification has been designed so that it can be self paced and completed ‘on demand’ (at your own pace in your own time), we found that there are numerous advantage of running live monthly webinars including

Real-Time Interaction and Engagement: Live webinars provide participants with the opportunity to interact directly with instructors and peers, creating a dynamic learning environment. This real-time engagement allows for immediate feedback, Q&A sessions, and personalised guidance, enhancing the learning experience and fostering a sense of community among participants.

Up-to-Date Content and Trends: By incorporating live webinars, we can offer content that reflects the latest trends and updates in the fitness industry. This ensures that your certification remains relevant and provides participants with the most current knowledge and practices. Live sessions allow us to address emerging topics, new research findings, and industry innovations as they happen.

Motivation and Accountability: Participating in live webinars can increase motivation and accountability among learners. The scheduled nature of live events encourages participants to allocate specific times for their learning, contributing to a structured study routine. Additionally, the opportunity to share progress, receive encouragement, and engage with instructors and peers in a live setting can boost motivation and commitment to the program.


If you can’t attend the webinar live - you get lifetime access to the replay so you can watch it in your own time. 

In addition to that, when you register to become a student, you also get gain access to the recording of all our previous live webinars. 

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