Companion Courses

Companion Courses

Begin a career in fitness education by obtaining the certificates necessary to call yourself a personal trainer. At Fitness Education Online, we provide you with the option to take a complete fitness package, which contains the modules for both certificates 3 and 4 in fitness.

This program will allow you to become a personal trainer without spending as much money as you would if you studied for cert 3 and 4 in fitness separately.

Why study with Women's Fitness Education

When you decide to take our Certificate III and IV in fitness qualification, you will also get access to all the companion courses below.

Personal Trainer CEC Courses
Training Females Level 1

What you'll learn:

Module 1: Understanding the Menstrual cycle and what red flags you need to be aware of.

Module 2: Why her six week check up is not enough and the questions you should be asking.

Module 3: How to safely train Women 50+

Module 4: The 10 questions you need to ask ALL your female clients (and what to do with their answers!)

Module 5: Panel Discussion on women’s health with all presenters

Bonus: Workout Ideas, Live Workout Examples, Interviews with experts, recommended readings and references

  • 10 CECs

  • 3 PDPs

  • 6.5 CPDs

Pregnant & Post Natal Training Level 1

What You'll Learn

Module 1: Risk and Clearance

Everything you need to know to ensure you stay within your scope of practice and always look professional

Module 2: Pregnancy

What is happening and which hormones play key roles and their impacts.

Module 3: Pelvic Floor Plus

What is the true meaning of core? … and most importantly, how do we teach this to our clients?

Module 4: Common Women’s Health Conditions. (PCOS, Endomentriosis, Breast and Ovarian cancer, Hysterectomy)

Module 5: Fourth Trimester / Post Natal

How to assess your client for DRAM (abdominal separation that can happen during the later stages of pregnancy) and how it will impact on your exercise programming.

Module 6: Empathy Training

This module will develop your empathetic skills of listening, and knowing what to say.

  • 4 CECs

  • 2 PDPs

  • 4 CPDs

Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal Women

What You'll Learn

Module 1: Training Menopausal and Pre-Menopausal: Women Talking about my generation, Ageism, Why train women over 50+

Module 2: Menopause: The stages of the menopause, Hormones & the menopause, TED Talk -How menopause affects the brain

Module 3: Pelvic Floor: Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions, Types of Incontinence, Types of Prolapse, Prolapse Symptoms & Risk Factors, How to cue pelvic floor contractions in isolation

Module 4: Health considerations Cardiovascular / heart disease, Osteoporosis / osteopenia

Module 5: Practical Applications: A question tool-box to create empathetic engagement, Exercise considerations, modifications, Important components of programming for women aged 50+, Exercise in water, What to avoid

Module 6: Further Presentations: Menopause & Pelvic Floor Webinar, Mish Wright – Training Women 50+ Webinar, Top 10 Chronic conditions for older adults & how to train them

  • 8 CECs

  • 3 PDPs

  • 6.5 CPDs

Menstrual Cycle Essentials

What You'll Learn

Module 1: Training with Menstrual Cycle: Understand the core principles of adjusting workouts based on the menstrual cycle to support women's fitness needs.

Module 2: Period Tracking: Learn the importance of keeping track of menstrual cycles and how it can guide training adjustments.

Module 3: Period Dysfunction:

Explore common menstrual issues and how to adapt training for women experiencing irregular cycles.

Module 4: Endometriosis: Gain insights into the impact of endometriosis on training and discover strategies to accommodate women with this condition.

Module 5: Everything Oestrogen: Understand the role of estrogen in the menstrual cycle and its influence on training.

Module 6: Everything Cortisol: Explore the significance of cortisol in the context of the menstrual cycle and its effects on training.

Module 6: Match the training to the cycle

Module 7: Programming for clients with PCOS

  • 10 CECs

Along with your Certificate III and IV, you'll also have a specialty in training women of all ages!

The Companion courses are part of our Personal Training Certification

Live Monthly Zoom

Live Monthly Zoom

Every month we deliver a live zoom call covering a different aspect of women’s health.

You can attend the call live, interact with the presenter, participate in Q&A or watch the replay if you can't attend live.

The monthly webinar is part of our Personal Training Certification

What Do Our Past Students Have to Say?

Testimonial Certificate III ad IV

Fitness Education Online is a fantastic online Fitness resource for Fitness Professionals. They offer a range of Courses to suit every field in the fitness industry - highly recommend. Their presenters are professional and knowledgeable in the way they present information.Highly recommend Kirstyn Campbell's Pelvic Floor Essentials for Fitness Professionals Course as well as Mich Wright's Training Perimenopausal & Menopausal Women. Both contain essential informatiion for not only training mums-to-be/new mums but also for women over 55.


Testimonial Certificate III ad IV

I've just completed Training Menopausal a Peri-menopausal Women. I loved Michelle Wrights presenting and am going to seek out more of her courses now. Highly recommend! I didn't know much about peri-menopause and menopause before but feel so much more confident taking on this stage now. I run bootcamp style classes for pre and post natal women so wanted to upskill on our next stage of life, but also open my market up to some older women. I've been asked a lot in the past if I'd put on a class for older women, even though all of my current classes are so adaptable for any age/stage. I realised that people need to see themselves in a group to feel more like we are "their people". I now feel like I have the knowledge to put a dedicated class on the timetable and I'm excited to broaden my skills and fine tune this new class.All reactions:33


Testimonial Certificate III ad IV

Hi I’m a newbie in the fitness industry and super excited at the convenience and content of the online education - I love how phone friendly it is - anytime anyplace convenienceI just completed Training Menopausal and Peri-menopausal women .. which honestly I found a bit triggering as I am one and didn’t regret doing this course. I loved the use of the comedienne as one resource to breakdown barriers and education re pelvic floor issues in men and women. Encouraging re all age fitness with some useful targeted insights to this group.


Testimonial Certificate III ad IV

Thank you to Fitness Education online for offering great courses. I have just completed the Mishfit Pregnant & Post Natal Training. I have been in the industry for 14 years and predominantly train women. I found this course to have great content which was easy to understand. Having video content as well as written content was great. Anybody training women will benefit from doing this courses, regardless the client being pregnant through to ladies going through menopause and dealing with pelvic floor issues or simply getting clients to better understand their core muscles.


Testimonial Certificate III ad IV

I honestly can't rate this organisation and their educational resources high enough. I was looking for a course to do to be able to train Pre and Post Natal Women, and ever since doing my first course with FEO, they are the one organisation I continued to return to for my professional development! They continue to update their courses, including their video content of each and the visual demonstrations and other methods of teaching cater to all styles of learning. I always finish a course with many drills and ideas to implement into my individual and group based sessions. The biggest takeaway I get from every equipment based course, is ways to work in the different planes and target both the anterior and posterior chains. Highly recommend to both group instructors and personal trainers looking to add variety to their sessions! Thank-you to the whole team at FEO!


Testimonial Certificate III ad IV

I’ve just completed Mishfit: pregnancy & postnatal training for Personal Trainers level 1 & 2 through Fitness Education Online. I gained so much knowledge through these courses which will help with my female clients. I recommend this course to all personal trainers that have female clients. I also just completed the bootcamp games mini course which had some great ideas for making bootcamp sessions fun and full of laughter. Can’t wait to try some of these games with my clients I look forward to doing more courses through Fitness Education Online, what a great supportive team!


Testimonial Certificate III ad IV

I’ve been a Personal Trainer for 4 years. I just finished the periodisation of periods course with Mish Fit. I’ve learned so much information from this course, which is already helping my existing clients. I can’t wait to see where this new information takes myself and my team. So grateful for the opportunity to do a course like this!


Testimonial Certificate III ad IV

I recently finished two courses and I have started my third on the subject of women’s health training and specifically pelvic floor, understanding the menstrual cycle as it relates to training and pre and postnatal. And I have to say I have loved the content. I have gained so much already, absolutely sponging up the knowledge. Love it. And it hasn’t just helped with the content provided, but also given me the connections for further study by providing links to the top providers in the field and that has been incredibly helpful. Can’t recommend enough. It has truly opened my eyes to where we are failing women and how we can be the change to fix it. Thanks so much fitness Ed!


Testimonial Certificate III ad IV

Happy to have completed pregnant & post-natal for Fitness Professionals. I liked the structure of the course and how the presenter made it easy to learn. Being in the industry for over 3 years & a bit confused why we were not taught about what is taught in this course in our Fitness certificates studies. Better late than never for me at least


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