Pregnant & Post Natal Training for Personal Trainers (4CECs)

Earn 4 CECs & Become a Certified Fitness Instructor for Expecting and New Mothers.

Pregnant & Post Natal Training for Personal Trainers

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Pregnant & Post Natal Training

Why This Course?

Looking to level up as a fitness trainer? Our course is all about mastering the art of training expecting and new mothers. Pregnancy and post-pregnancy bring a lot of physical changes, and as a trainer, it's crucial to know what works best for these special clients.

What's in Store for You?

By registering for our Pre and Post Natal Fitness Certification Course, you'll not only expand your expertise but also get your (4 CECs). This makes you not just more knowledgeable but also fully qualified and insured to cater to pre and postnatal women.

Course Crafted by Experts:

We've teamed up with leading professionals in fitness and women's health to bring you a course that's both comprehensive and practical. You will learn the physical transformations during pregnancy, understanding the do's and don'ts of prenatal and postnatal fitness. More importantly, you'll learn to tailor exercise plans that are not only safe but also effective in building strength during pregnancy and aiding recovery post-birth.

Easy and Affordable Training

Our CEC programs offer a simple and budget-friendly way to boost your professional abilities. With a variety of courses covering different specialties, you can grow your client base or refresh your existing knowledge easily. We regularly update our courses, at least once annually, to include the newest trends and methods in women's fitness in Australia. This means you'll be teaching your clients with cutting-edge techniques. The courses are designed to be engaging and enjoyable, making the learning process both fun and demanding. Plus, after you complete a course, you'll receive your CECs and a certificate of completion within just three business days.

Get Insured

Your insurance will require you to have completed a registered CEC course!

Pregnant & Post Natal Training
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Pregnant & Post Natal Training for Fitness Professionals (4CECs)

Key Learning Points:

  • Module 1: Risk Management and Professional Conduct
    Learn everything necessary to maintain professionalism and work within your expertise. Bonus: Get downloadable templates for exercise clearances and Par Q forms to customize for your clients.

  • Module 2: Understanding Pregnancy
    Explore the specifics of each pregnancy trimester, including key hormonal changes and their effects. This module comes with hands-on exercises and real-life case studies of women beginning workouts in different trimesters.

  • Module 3: Pelvic Floor and Core Training
    Discover the real essence of core training and effective ways to teach it to your clients. This section delves into various pelvic floor issues and shows how to integrate relevant exercises into routines, plus guidance on when to refer clients for specialized care.

  • Module 4: Key Women's Health Issues

    Gain insights into several common health conditions affecting women, like PCOS, endometriosis, breast and ovarian cancer, and the implications of hysterectomies. Learn how these conditions influence exercise planning.

  • Module 5: Post-Pregnancy Considerations
    This module provides a comprehensive approach to assessing DRAM (abdominal separation common in later pregnancy stages) and its impact on your exercise recommendations, along with referral guidelines.

  • Module 6: Developing Empathy

    Learn to effectively connect with clients through empathy, especially in sensitive situations like miscarriage, pelvic floor issues, or postnatal depression. Enhance your listening skills and learn the right things to say, drawing from shared or unshared experiences.

Note: Course is hosted CEC by Fitness Education Online

Learning Access:

  • 100% online

  • No time limit

  • Lifetime access to all coursework


Assessment consists of brief written responses or multiple choices.

(no practical video required).


  • CECs and completion certificate delivered within 7 days of course completion

  • Course will cover you for insurance purposes

Become the go-to fitness expert for pregnant and postnatal women.

Enroll now in our Pre and Post Natal Fitness Certification Course and gain CECs you need to be qualified and insured as a fitness instructor for pre and post natal women

Pregnant & Post Natal Training for Fitness Professionals (4CECs)

Todays Special: $97

Testimonial for Pregnant & Post Natal Training

Loved the online training! I work in a all female gym and so I did the pre and postnatal training as we have a lot of women pre and postnatal! Very informative course, easy to navigate, and I loved being able to go at my own pace! Loved it so I signed up into another course!


Testimonial for Pregnant & Post Natal Training

Have just completed the Training Pregnant and Post Natal Women CEC course and I have to say I was impressed with how user friendly the delivery was, how important and relevant the information provided was for myself and the clients that I will be able to help with an in-depth understanding of what to be aware of and how to professionally deal with my clients individual need’s from a truly physical and mental well-being perspective. I’ve been in this industry since 1985 I’ve trained the trainer’s in a school and learning environment and I have been taught many different aspects of the fitness industry and many modes of training. Once again I’m really impressed with what and how they deliver and the content. I highly recommend this course!


Testimonial for Pregnant & Post Natal Training

I’ve just completed the Mishfit Pregnancy and Postnatal Course. It was awesome in filling in all the blanks regarding training women in these circumstances. I am fully confident now in providing a safe and effective service to those who require it. The course was efficient and to the point, it was clear and concise. I highly recommend it to everyone as I feel you are selling yourself short if you don’t know how to deal and train this type of clientele. Do yourself and your business a favour and complete this course!


Testimonial for Pregnant & Post Natal Training

Thank you to Fitness Education online for offering great courses. I have just completed the Mishfit Pregnant & Post Natal Training. I have been in the industry for 14 years and predominantly train women. I found this course to have great content which was easy to understand. Having video content as well as written content was great. Anybody training women will benefit from doing this courses, regardless the client being pregnant through to ladies going through menopause and dealing with pelvic floor issues or simply getting clients to better understand their core muscles.


Testimonial for Pregnant & Post Natal Training

I honestly can't rate this organisation and their educational resources high enough. I was looking for a course to do to be able to train Pre and Post Natal Women, and ever since doing my first course with FEO, they are the one organisation I continued to return to for my professional development! They continue to update their courses, including their video content of each and the visual demonstrations and other methods of teaching cater to all styles of learning. I always finish a course with many drills and ideas to implement into my individual and group based sessions. The biggest takeaway I get from every equipment based course, is ways to work in the different planes and target both the anterior and posterior chains. Highly recommend to both group instructors and personal trainers looking to add variety to their sessions! Thank-you to the whole team at FEO!


Testimonial for Pregnant & Post Natal Training

I’ve just completed Mishfit: pregnancy & postnatal training for Personal Trainers level 1 & 2 through Fitness Education Online. I gained so much knowledge through these courses which will help with my female clients. I recommend this course to all personal trainers that have female clients. I also just completed the bootcamp games mini course which had some great ideas for making bootcamp sessions fun and full of laughter. Can’t wait to try some of these games with my clients I look forward to doing more courses through Fitness Education Online, what a great supportive team!


Testimonial for Pregnant & Post Natal Training

I’ve been a Personal Trainer for 4 years. I just finished the periodisation of periods course with Mish Fit. I’ve learned so much information from this course, which is already helping my existing clients. I can’t wait to see where this new information takes myself and my team. So grateful for the opportunity to do a course like this!


Testimonial for Pregnant & Post Natal Training

I'm from Sydney, I've been in the industry for over 10 years just completed the mishfit: Pregnant & Postnatal Training for Personal Trainers course. It was fantastic! It helped me stay focused during lockdown. Very informative and appeals to all learning styles! Highly recommend!!


Testimonial for Pregnant & Post Natal Training

Happy to have completed pregnant & post-natal for Fitness Professionals. I liked the structure of the course and how the presenter made it easy to learn. Being in the industry for over 3 years & a bit confused why we were not taught about what is taught in this course in our Fitness certificates studies. Better late than never for me at least


Pregnant & Post Natal Training for Fitness Professionals (4CECs)

Todays Special: $97