Pelvic Floor and Prolapse Course

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Pelvic Floor Essentials

Become Expert in Pelvic Floor and Prolapse Training

Why This Course?

Advance your fitness expertise with our specialized "Pelvic Floor and Prolapse" course. This course aims to equip personal trainers with indispensable knowledge and skills to seamlessly incorporate pelvic health considerations into their training regimes. By addressing pelvic floor dysfunctions and the intricacies of prolapse, this course fills a crucial gap in fitness education, ensuring comprehensive client care and well-being.

What's in Store for You?

Enrolling in our "Pelvic Floor and Prolapse" course not only broadens your professional capabilities but also earns you Continuing Education Credits (CECs). You'll delve deep into understanding the anatomical intricacies of the pelvic region and grasp the nuances of common conditions like prolapse and pelvic floor dysfunctions. Through comprehensive learning outcomes, you'll acquire the tools to assess, modify, and design exercise programs tailored to support pelvic health, thus enhancing the overall fitness journey for your clients.

Course Crafted by Experts:

Developed in collaboration with leading health and fitness experts specializing in women’s pelvic health, this curriculum offers a wealth of insights and practical strategies. From identifying risk factors associated with pelvic floor disorders to mastering effective communication techniques, each aspect of this course is meticulously tailored to empower personal trainers in addressing the holistic well-being of their clients.

Easy and Affordable Training

Our CEC program is designed for your convenience and affordability, providing a straightforward path to boost your professional skillset. We keep our courses up-to-date with the latest practices in pelvic floor and prolapse in women's fitness, ensuring you're trained in contemporary, effective techniques. The course format is engaging and interactive, designed to make your learning experience both enjoyable and rewarding. Upon completion, you’ll promptly receive a certificate of completion, usually within three business days.

Pelvic Floor Essentials Course

Pelvic Floor and Prolapse Course

Key Learning Points:

  • Modue 1: Pelvic Floor

    - The Bell Curve Of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

    - Hypotonic Pelvic Floor

    - Prolapse

    - Hypertonic Pelvic Floor

    - Vaginismus & Vulvodynia

    - Pelvic Floor Contraction In Isolation

    - Pelvic Floor, Breath & Movement

    - Actionable Strategies & Scope Of Practice

  • Module 2: Prolapse

    - What Is Prolapse?

    - What Are The Risk Factors?

    - Get Exercise Right

    - Pelvic Health Physio

Learning Access:

  • 100% online

  • No time limit

  • Lifetime access to all coursework


Assessment consists of brief written responses or multiple choices.

(no practical video required).


  • Completion certificate delivered within 7 days of course completion

Become Expert in Pelvic Floor and Prolapse Training

Enroll now in our Pelvic Floor and Prolapse for Fitness Professionals Course

Pelvic Floor and Prolapse Course

Testimonials Pelvic Floor Essentials

I have been in the industry for over 25 years and often find it hard to find new and interesting courses Just completed three courses to re register .Loved the pelvic floor essentials course great for all my Mums , the myo Fascial was so informative and was great for a different way to train clients and the Fat loss course was exceptional and great information on the science behind weight loss and healthy eating plans .


Testimonials Pelvic Floor Essentials

Fitness Education Online is a fantastic online Fitness resource for Fitness Professionals. They offer a range of Courses to suit every field in the fitness industry - highly recommend. Their presenters are professional and knowledgeable in the way they present information.

Highly recommend Kirstyn Campbell's Pelvic Floor Essentials for Fitness Professionals Course as well as Mich Wright's Training Perimenopausal & Menopausal Women. Both contain essential information for not only training mums-to-be/new mums but also for women over 55.


Testimonials Pelvic Floor Essentials

The care and education I received as a client (and a new mum) of Kirstyn, lead me to quit my corporate job and train to be a post natal trainer myself. Kirstyn taught me everything I know and continues to be a mentor to me in fitness instruction and in business. The way Kirstyn presents information is easy to understand and digest. She has a wealth of knowledge on the pelvic floor and how to instruct your clients on it. She is a trainer who thinks practically and can advice on how to put all the knowledge into practice.


Testimonials Pelvic Floor Essentials

Pelvic Floor Essentials for PTs - Absolutely loved this course. Kirstyn Campbell is an excellent trainer - knowledgeable, open and super supportive with a great sense of humour. I recommend this course to any trainer. I've done previous pre/post natal qualifications and still learned LOADS from this course.


Testimonials Pelvic Floor Essentials

Kirstyn is an incredibly knowledgeable and passionate trainer. The women in her care can be confident that they are receiving the gold standard of pre and post natal fitness coaching and support and any trainers learning from her will be secure in the knowledge that they will be able to really enhance their offerings in a meaningful way.


Testimonials Pelvic Floor Essentials

I’ve just completed Mishfit: pregnancy & postnatal training for Personal Trainers level 1 & 2 through Fitness Education Online. I gained so much knowledge through these courses which will help with my female clients. I recommend this course to all personal trainers that have female clients. I also just completed the bootcamp games mini course which had some great ideas for making bootcamp sessions fun and full of laughter. Can’t wait to try some of these games with my clients I look forward to doing more courses through Fitness Education Online, what a great supportive team!


Pelvic Floor and Prolapse Course