Female Training Specialist (20CECs)

Female Training Specialist

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Why This Course?

Take your fitness training career further with our comprehensive "Female Training Essentials" course. This program is meticulously designed to address the entire spectrum of women's fitness needs. From understanding the menstrual cycle to navigating the specific challenges faced by women over 50, this course covers it all. As a fitness trainer, grasping these diverse aspects is key to offering tailored, effective training for female clients.

What's in Store for You?

By joining our "Female Training Essentials" course, you'll not only widen your scope of expertise but also earn valuable Continuing Education Credits (CECs). This course enriches your understanding and equips you to competently and confidently address the fitness needs of women at different life stages.

Course Crafted by Experts:

This curriculum is a collaboration with leading professionals in women's health and fitness, ensuring a rich learning experience.

Easy and Affordable Training

Our CEC programs are both convenient and budget-friendly, offering an accessible route to enhance your professional skills. We update our courses annually to include the latest in women's fitness, ensuring you're equipped with modern, effective training techniques. Engaging and interactive, our courses make learning both enjoyable and challenging. Upon completion, you'll quickly receive your CECs and a certificate, typically within three business days.

Female Training Specialist Course
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Female Training Specialist (20CECs)

Key Learning Points:

  • Level 1: Female Training Specialist (10CECs)

    • SESSION 1: Understanding the Menstrual cycle and what red flags you need to be aware

    • SESSION 2: Why her six week check up is not enough and the questions you should be asking

    • SESSION 3: How to safely train Women 50+

    • SESSION 4: The 10 questions you need to ask ALL your female clients (and what to do with their answers!)

    • SESSION 5: Panel Discussion on women’s health with all presenters

    • SESSION 6: Workout Ideas, Live Workout Examples, Interviews with experts, recommended readings and references

  • Level 1: Female Training Specialist (10CECs)

    • SESSION 1: Training women like women: a starting point

    • SESSION 2: Pelvic floor muscles through pregnancy, childbirth, hormonal changes and exercise

    • SESSION 3: Core Restore Workshop: Core Workout Program specifically for new mums

    • SESSION 4: The Fit Pro's Guide To PCOS - Understanding PCOS, how it effects women and what you can do to help

    • SESSION 5: Exercise While Pregnant: Trimester by trimester programming for healthy pregnancy

    • SESSION 6: Business Panel: A panel of guests who run successful Fitness Businesses around Training Women

Note: Course is hosted CEC by Fitness Education Online

Learning Access:

  • 100% online

  • No time limit

  • Lifetime access to all coursework


Assessment consists of brief written responses or multiple choices.

(no practical video required).


  • CECs and completion certificate delivered within 7 days of course completion

Become a Female Training Specialist

Enroll now in our Female Training Certification Course and gain CECs you need to be qualified and competitive Female Training Specialist.

Female Training Specialist (20CECs)

Testimonial for Female Training Specialist

I was a Sydney based PT for 10 years before taking a 7 year break. I needed 20 cec’s to reinstate my qualifications. I took the Training Females Level 1 (10 cec’s). The online training is video based with concise and very informative content in an informal environment. all presenters are leaders in their field. I learnt a lot while enjoying the videos. I am also doing the Training Females Level 2 (10 cec’s)


Testimonial for Female Training Specialist

I am an AUSactive registered PT, Group Fitness and Aqua Instructor based in Sydney.

I have completed many courses over the years with Fitness Education Online however recently completed Training Female Level 1 and What Fitpro's need to know about Kids Fitness.

The courses are very informative, and the teachers are amazing. I have learnt so much and can incorporate these into my classes.

I recommend the courses to all instructors/trainers as it will refresh your mind and help you with your clients.

Thank you to the whole team at FEO.


Testimonial for Female Training Specialist

Wow! Such a great training. I love all the different persceptives and speakers. I live in New Orleans, have been training for three years and I’m taking the Level I and II Training Women. All the information is super relevant and applicable. I look forward to implementing so much of it with my mostly female aging clients! It’s a great course for Personal Trainers -especially male trainers too!


Testimonial for Female Training Specialist

I took the Training Females CEU bundle course and really enjoyed it. I’m working on the second course but I must say. It’s so easy to understand! I love how charismatic, real and outspoken everyone is. It made each lesson so much fun to watch! I’m excited to continue learning and taking courses with Fitness Education Online. Also, I really like the flexibility I have to work on the course on my own time :) thank you!


Testimonial for Female Training Specialist

I have done several courses with FEO the most recent being “Training Female Clients”.

This is a must for all PT’s who are training women! YES THAT IS YOU! The course included an incredible line up of professional speakers, all passionate about advocating women’s health and creating change in particular to open up discussions on women’s health that we should all be talking about!

Thanks to all involved in this fab course!


Testimonial for Female Training Specialist

I am a registered AUSactive personal trainer and needed a quick CEC course to get across the line for the requirements. Jono was very helpful in recommending a course, training females level 1. It was very quick and informative. Thoroughly recommend Fitness education online. They are my go to CEC provider as I am very time poor.


Female Training Specialist (20CECs)